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Opening soon : A Digital Reading Museum, a collaborative project


The Labo de l’édition (Paris, France) is planning to open a Digital Reading Museum in Paris, (called in French: Le Petit musée de la lecture numérique)

This Museum will be the first permanent exhibition space in Europe dedicated to the history of digital reading devices, from the first machines ever created to the most recent tools. This project is led by Elizabeth Sutton, French digital publishing consultant and co-founder of, a website dedicated to ebooks and High-Tech.


digital reading museum


Computers, e-readers, tablets and smartphones now form a new heritage which should be made available to professionals and to anyone interested in books and technology. As a place for mediationthis museum will trace as much as possible evolutions of the book industry over the past twenty years, in order to identify the new reading habits which have emerged with digital technology. For its launch, the museum will focus on e-readers which are one of the first machines thoroughly designed for digital reading. Further devices such as tablets and smartphones will be displayed later on.

The Digital Reading Museum is a collaborative project. It will be made possible with donations from manufacturer partners and individual contributions from all over the world. The Labo de l’édition is launching now a big call for donations in hopes of gathering as many devices as possible.

Everyone can contribute to the development of this project by providing extra information about the history of digital reading devices, by donating equipment all along the way, or by sharing widely the initiative on social media with the hashtag #MuseeLectureNum

 The project progress will be shared via IDBOOX and the Labo de l’édition social media accounts. Everyone is welcome to follow them on Twitter (@IDBOOX – @labodeledition)and on Facebook ( –

The first collections will be focused on e-readers using e-ink technology. Any person owning an e-reader previous to a 2015 model and no longer using it is invited to fill in the donation form provided by the Labo de l’éditionTo access the form, click here

 “This project is crucial because, just as we digitize our literary heritage, we should keep alive the memory of the tools allowing us to read those contents. I am honored to lead this project which hopefully will inspire others and convince book lovers to get actively involved in this new space.”, Elizabeth Sutton says about the Digital Reading Museum.

 “As in any field of activity, tracing the history of digital reading devices is interesting. It highlights the complexity of the innovation process, stressing the essential phase of adoption by the public. It is only when it becomes part of people’s daily life or habits that an invention becomes a real innovation. The way from one to the other is not that simple or direct. The uses and practices are an important issue the Labo de l’édition tries to convey to its various audiences” says managing director of the Labo, Nicolas Rodelet.

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